Guadiana Nature Trail

The Guadiana River is one of the great rivers of Spain, but it also has an international character that complements a unique tour.

This river is born between Albacete and Ciudad Real, in the Lagunas de Ruidera and after appearing and disappearing it enters Extremadura forming the great Lakes of Siberia: Cijara, Puerto Peña and Orellana.

After passing through the historic cities of Medellín, Mérida and Badajoz, creating a very rich fertile valley, it will form a border with neighboring Portugal until it flows into the province of Huelva. The landscapes we are going to find are very varied, as much as the lands it crosses; ravines, canyons, lagoons… and marshes.



Camino Natural del Guadiana
347 Km
40 etapas

Also interesting are the flora and fauna that live, hunt or lurk around the river. Many species are endemic, especially in the most preserved stretches. The environments it crosses: pastures, forests, mountain ranges, meadows… favor a diversity of habitats. Some places have been declared of international interest in recognition of this wealth: Special Protection Areas for Birds, Sites of Community Importance…

In Orellana la Vieja, the Camino Natural del Guadiana comes from Puebla de Alcocer (Stage 24), crossing the Guadiana River over the bridge of Cogolludo, so we can see the old Roman city of Lacimurga, passes through the neighboring town of Orellana de la Sierra to enter the town by the path of the Convent, after a little taste of the cliffs of the Sierra de Pela.

Stage 25 heads to Valdivia, kilometers near the river, the bank that begins to open and leaving behind the landscapes of the Siberia enters the Vegas Altas, areas where irrigated land and some cereal reigns. The path takes advantage of part of these infrastructures and the old bridle paths, making for a very attractive walk.