Orellana by Car or Motorbike

The location of Orellana la Vieja lends itself to being the center of countless excursions by car and motorcycle. We are at the meeting point of the mythical lands of Siberia, La Serena, Vegas Altas and the Geopark Villuercas Ibores Jara. Then we can visit one of these regions, which already give a lot, or combine the spaces to make a route to our measure.

There are many possibilities, points of interest and natural attractions in these areas. The road is an ally; it winds through the mountains, crosses the lakes and reaches the last villages in every corner. The pavements are in good condition and the general atmosphere invites you to a quiet ride, without noise or stridencies, in accordance with the environment that surrounds you.



Rutas en Coche o Moto
A tu medida
No hay prisas
Carreteras o pistas
Hazlo sencillo

So we can enjoy the landscapes, the scents, the sounds of nature in one of the most preserved and most biodiverse places in Europe.

poster-classicsThroughout the year there are important events, rallies and routes of various kinds that depart from Orellana to these places. Classic cars or motorcycle clubs perform in the locality.

The motorcycle route, with national projection “CYCLOPEA500 Roadboak”, a sport tourism event focused on motorcycles. It runs 500 km between the Serena and Siberia regions, covering the main tourist attractions.

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