a magical place

The mystery of the sacred

It was the first Blue Flag on the inland coast of Spain. In addition to this recognition of bathing quality, there are other important international environmental protection figures. The accumulated experience and the professionalism of its companies make possible an unparalleled offer.

Today, Playas de Orellana offers an incomparable framework of leisure, culture, sports and nature that goes beyond the summer season.

On the axis of Extremadura

It has been a land of Tartessos, Vettones, Latins, Moors and Castilian Christians. From Trujillo until the creation of the provinces in 1833, and since then from Badajoz.

The Commonwealth of Municipalities in which it is integrated is that of Vegas Altas del Guadiana, the Local Action Group to which it is attached is that of La Serena, its Diocese is Plasencia… and culturally, a little piece of Siberia.

and environmental quality marks

The declarations of quality and protection that endorse the natural and tourist interest of the territory are piled up in the Sierra de Pela and Embalse de Orellana area.

Natura 2000 Network, L.I.C. (Site of Community Interest), Z.E.P.A. (Special Protection Area for Birds), Z.I.R. (Regional Interest Area), Ramsar Wetland, Blue Flag Beach…

From different points of view, they are a natural heritage that we must preserve; their international relevance makes us a reference of a society increasingly aware of the importance of conservation.

the territory

Wherever you come from, you can choose to be among many of the mythical territories of the eastern part of the province of Badajoz: the Vegas Altas, the Siberia or the great Serena.

We will always have close at hand the southern regions of Cáceres, also the Villuercas Geopark, with which it merges into a geological past, of mountains and hills that are very present in the northern horizon.

Cave altars

The old town is located in the triangle formed by the church, castle and convent, which correspond to the three main roads in which the town is organized: the entrance and exit of the Cañada Real Segoviana towards the boat and the Cogolludo-Orellanita road.

In the Calle Real, the passage of the Cañada and in the Plaza de España – Extremadura, we find more stately buildings, which also occupy spaces towards the fortress palace of the Orellana family.


This variety is recast in a small space that we almost embrace with our eyes. A strip of land that descends from the peaks of the southern face of the Sierra de Pela to the Guadiana River.

From hard, gray quartzite cliffs to the lake. In between are the steep slopes of red earth and soft soil peneplains that are among the most fertile in Spain.

In the past there was a lot of cereal, some olive trees and a lot of orchards in the fertile lowlands of the river, also sheep and goats mainly. Today things have changed a lot: olive trees and irrigated fruit trees abound.

A thrilling story

Ancient remains accumulate with exponents dating back to prehistoric times. But it will be in the mid-fourteenth century, when we begin to have news, then there was a small population of twenty neighbors, about 100 people.

Shortly thereafter, a Lordship was founded that would become a Marquisate, lasting several centuries. The castle is built or rebuilt, which will later be adapted as a palace, the first church, probably smaller, and the village grows to impressive numbers.

The splendor of the sixteenth century leaves  a large increase in population and the expansion or construction of the great buildings of Orellana: the Church, the Convent and the Casas Señoriales.

and excellent professionals

Orellana has always had a very dynamic, enterprising people. It has always been and still is a reference, since here you can find all kinds of professionals, products, equipment and companies .

The entire tourist infrastructure is available for the enjoyment of good sailing, fishing or bathing, as well as hiking or cultural discoveries. All with modern companies, with accommodation and catering of the XXI century that does not forget its essence.