Ancestral Cultures of Orellana

It is difficult to find all the variety of ecosystems, life forms, people and possibilities to be discovered…..

Here you can find practically all the cultural and environmental elements of internationally recognized quality, all within a municipal area of five kilometers wide and eight kilometers high.

It has been a land of Tartessos, Vettones, Latins, Moors and Castilian Christians. From Trujillo until the creation of the provinces in 1833, and since then from Badajoz.

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The Commonwealth of Municipalities in which it is integrated is that of Vegas Altas del Guadiana, the Local Action Group to which it is attached is that of La Serena, its Diocese is Plasencia… and culturally, a little piece of Siberia. This place is like a revolving door in which wherever you come from, you can choose to be among many of the mythical territories of the east of the province of Badajoz: the Vegas Altas, the Siberia or the great Serena.

We will always have close at hand the southern regions of Cáceres with which historically have shared and share great aspects of their lives: Vegas Miajadas and Trujillo land, also the Villuercas Geopark, with which it merges into a geological past, of mountains and hills that are very present in the northern horizon.

All this apparent chaos only signifies the character of the lands and people that huddle in this beautiful corner of the southern end of the Sierra de Pela. Here; at the same time, we can feel as in Cáceres or as in Badajoz, as in the Vegas del Guadiana and its irrigated lands or as in the Serena and its pastures and cereals, or as in Siberia and its mountain ranges, as in the great lakes of Europe or as in the Mediterranean Beaches. You choose…