Lake Orellana

Orellana la Vieja is an important tourist destination throughout the year, especially in summer, especially since the construction of the reservoir. The complex is formed on a peninsula, almost an island, that juts into the great lake. Only a narrow stretch of land connects it to the town.

A one-way road circles the hill near the maximum water level. One after the other are the tourist infrastructures of this large complex.

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In the first line we have the parking lots and establishments of restoration and activities… that always give a view to the ocean that unfolds the reservoir.

Close to the water, the shore takes on different variants: blue flag beach, green beach, sandy beach, marina…

And up on the hill of the peninsula we have accommodation and catering with the Apartments and Camping, which seek the height to find unique spaces and views.

The creation of spaces for bathing and the creation of a whole network of lodging, restaurant and activity companies that can provide quality service to tourists or travelers, mark the incessant growth of the place year after year.

Our companies offer the possibility to practice many water sports, hiking… There are also restaurants, beach bars or picnic areas where you can taste the best of the local gastronomy.