Casa del Palacio

Next to the castle there is another large plot of land that occupies the main rooms. With the creation of the Lordship of Orellana, the castle is relegated to a second place, now more attention is paid to the palace. The successive lords contributed to the improvement of the facilities, with elements that enhanced the image of power of the nobility of the place. Thus, balconies and coats of arms are added, the interior is fitted out for a comfortable stay…

We can say that at the end of the 16th century, when everything was at its optimum, a decline began that affected the whole society. The lords moved to the capitals and the abandonment of farms and fields was the general trend.

Today the palace, now separated from the castle, presents a very nice picture. The large ashlars with which it was built, many of which probably came from the castle, stand out. There are up to five balconies on the upper floor, which correspond to windows on the lower floor.

The cornice finials are spectacular… the pyramidal pinnules at the corners and above the main door mark the basic forms that close a rather massive balustrade, with circular forms that are grouped in threes. In the center, a kind of large sgraffito recreates plant forms and the half-moon adds a touch of style to the whole house.

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