Coto Chapel

It is a small chapel, like a hermitage, which gave religious service to the village that the Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation built for the construction of the dam and which housed most of the workers, especially the specialists, who were carrying out their work. At one time a pilgrimage was held in San Isidro, but due to the large number of participants it was moved to the Dehesa Boyal.

The temple of small dimensions and quite modernist style. The rectangular shapes are only broken on the façade, with a charming belfry and two columns on each of its sides with pointed tops. The whole is topped with a large rose window.

The place is spectacular because of the beautiful and panoramic views that the place offers. An incomparable space to observe the layout of the reservoir, its dam, its surroundings.

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La observación se realiza desde el exterior de una valla